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Speeding is up, and that’s bad for everyone

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There’s been a huge uptick in speeders this year throughout Pennsylvania — but not these aren’t just the ordinary kind of scofflaws filling the streets. The state police have issued at least 766 tickets in the last five months. In August, for example, 187 people were ticketed for speeding down the road at 100 mph or faster.

Keep in mind, those drivers who were ticketed probably aren’t the only ones racing down the roads — they’re just the ones that got caught. There are likely a lot more would-be racecar drivers out there.

That’s a major problem for anybody who has to be out on the roads. A lot of drivers see speeding as a relatively harmless offense. If they get caught, it usually just means a ticket — not something that will land them behind bars or damage their reputations. As one spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) put it, “Speeding continues to be a persistent safety issue, contributing to nearly 10,000 deaths a year. It hasn’t achieved the same stigma as impaired driving, for example, despite the clear safety implications.”

The problem is that motorists who speed generally overestimate their skills behind the wheel. They think that they can handle their vehicles at high speeds and compensate quickly enough if they see something in the road. That ignores the basic laws of physics, however.

A speeding driver can end up causing a horrific crash, maybe even a chain-reaction event that catches several vehicles up in its wake. If you’re injured due to a speeding driver’s reckless behavior, find out what it takes to claim the compensation you’re due for your losses.

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