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Happy Holidays from Rick Law

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Firm News

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Decorating the tree, your home, or even your workspace? How about making cookies?

There are so many delicious recipes to choose from, how about a memory that takes you back to your childhood? Maybe at your mother’s house or your grandmother’s home? That sweet smell that was filling the air as you all were baking so many different types of cookies and the decorating of them is what fun I will always remember. My mom’s sugar cookies were lightly baked (just the way my dad loved them) and the great laughter with my family while decorating them. Some years ago my mom had my 3 younger cousins over to help bake and decorate them, and there were so many because they were my dad’s favorite. My mom would store them in pretzel tins; two big ones, one for company, one for my dad. My sister’s favorite was my mom’s rum balls, now for me, that is a big no thank you. But I will say they always looked so pretty, all covered in white reminded me of snow. My cookie favorite is chocolate chip. Sorry mom even my Aunt Amy chocolate chip cookies are amazing as well. My mom’s favorite cookie was the peanut butter that has the big chocolate kiss on them. That was one of her favorites to make.

What type of tree to get real or fake? Well for me when I was a child it was always fake (I still have the tree) as us kids grew up we did get a couple of real trees. One I will never forget is my father and I went to go get the tree and walked through the woods to pick the one out that we cut down. We dragged it through the snow to that machine that tires it up with rope (not sure of the name of the machine). I had a Ford Explorer at the time so we put the tree on top of the Explorer and drove about 15 miles to get home. We got it up in the stand and my father went to put the lights on the tree, well don’t you know there was a birds nest in the tree. Not only that but there were two eggs in the nest, they were blue (I believe a robin left them in the nest), and yes they were in perfect shape.
It really was quite a great surprise! My father and I took the nest out of the tree, put it in the windowsill which made my mother incredibly happy. I do hope this brings back some great Holiday memories and brings a big smile to your face.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to a great happy and healthy New Year.