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How Do I Prepare For My First Meeting With An Attorney?

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Categories Uncategorized

Attorneys can be intimidating.  Many people are understandably nervous when meeting an attorney for the first time.  It is important to remember, attorneys want to help you with your issues. When faced with a legal problem, people are often emotional and new experiences can cause added concern. Be prepared for your first meeting by following these steps to avoid unnecessary stress:

  1. Before your meeting, gather all documents you may have that are related to your legal issue. Make copies to give to your lawyer or ask to have copies made at your meeting.
  2. Write a summary or jot down notes regarding your legal issue. Have a good summary with you so it is easier to discuss your potential case when you meet.
  3. Write a list of any questions you may have so you can discuss them at your meeting. Your attorney will ask questions as well to better understand your issue and determine what action may be needed.
  4. Give an honest account of your legal issue. Do not omit sensitive information. Do not share a happier version of events. Your attorney needs to have all of the facts to best help you. Remember, your conversation with your attorney is confidential.
  5. Be prepared to discuss fees and any agreements for payment. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something.
  6. Ask questions about any documents you are asked to sign so you understand what you are singing and what those documents mean for your case.
  7. Keep a file of any documents, notes or other information for your own records. After your meeting, make sure to keep your attorney updated with any new information about your legal issue.
  1. Heed your attorney’s advice. Your attorney will offer you advice based on experience. This may not always be what you want to hear. Understand, your attorney has your best interests in mind.

Legal issues can be very emotional. Do not let meeting with or consulting an attorney add to your stress.  Come prepared.

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