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What does it take to resolve a personal injury claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

Personal injuries caused by an accident or another party’s negligence can range from minor to catastrophic. A minor injury (small lacerations, bruises, etc.) typically heals on its own and may need no legal action. Severe injuries, on the other hand, usually require significant medical care to heal properly.

Victims suffering from serious injuries have many questions. One of the most pressing questions victims ask personal injury lawyers is how long the claim process will take. Considering the high cost of long-term medical treatment, it is easy to see why this question is so important. Unfortunately, there exists no 100% accurate answer.

During our years of serving injury victims in Pottstown, PA, we have learned that many things affect how long a claim takes to complete. For example, if you are targeting more than one person, it might increase the length of your claim.

Three factors affecting the duration of injury claims

Here are the main three things that influence how long it takes to settle a claim:

  1. Injury severity: In cases of catastrophic injuries like spinal cord damage or brain injury, it may take longer. Often, this is because the long-term consequences of such injuries are harder to predict.
  2. Financial damages: The more severe an injury, the harder it might be to develop an accurate picture of the financial damages. If you and your lawyer are also seeking pain and suffering damages, it may take longer to resolve your claim.
  3. Willingness to settle: If you are opposed to an out of court settlement, it could extend your claim’s duration. However, if you are willing to settle, your case may resolve quicker.

With so much at stake: your physical wellbeing, your finances and your quality of life, it is wise to move as fast as possible, preferably with strong legal counsel at your side

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