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Skilled, Experienced Business Incorporation Attorneys

Running a small business is hard enough in today’s world just doing what you know how to do. There are many reasons people organize and form business entities, whether they want to limit their personal liability and take tax breaks available to them, obtain group health insurance, raise capital for the business, or have something that can easily be transferred or sold later down the line as they near retirement. Others start a business simply to make their company look more serious and set the stage for future growth of their “baby.”

At Rick Law, our attorneys can assist you with not just forming your business but keeping it alive and running well. Even choosing the right form of your business, whether a partnership, S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company, or other entity, has implications regarding taxes, exposure for personal liability, and operational flexibility. Depending on the type of business you have, you may require federal, state, or even local licenses and may need to show evidence of compliance with a variety of regulations.

How Our Firm Can Help You

Before starting any business, it’s best to speak with an attorney with experience in legally setting up businesses just like yours. While there are plenty of services out there that can help you establish a business “quickly and easily” online, there truly is a difference between using one of these services and hiring an attorney that you can build a relationship with that will be there for you regardless of what matter you may be presented with in the future.

We help clients with the following:

  • Examining your business needs
  • Forming limited liability companies (LLC), S corporations, C corporations or partnerships
  • Establishing an EIN for the business
  • Preparing your operating or partnership agreements
  • Preparing or revising corporate minutes or bylaws
  • Providing general business advice and support
  • Assistance with acquiring a franchise
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Navigating the many forms and requirements of the legal documents that are involved
  • Forming nonprofits, not-for-profits, or benefit corporations
  • Establishing a registered office
  • Drafting employee handbooks
  • Creating your business plans
  • Financing your business and helping you get acquainted with a business banker
  • Registering your business
  • Registering for taxes
  • Reviewing leases
  • Hiring and firing of employees
  • Obtaining necessary licenses and permits
  • Complying with laws and regulations related your business
  • Drafting noncompete and partnership agreements

Having a strong relationship with an attorney will help you out of any situation and hopefully can present many of the issues that newly formed small businesses struggle with across the country. Even something as simple as what entity type to pick or what name to call your business can really cause issues for you if you don’t know what you are doing. Building a relationship with an attorney right from the beginning will put you on the path to success.

Discuss Your Business Needs In A Free Consultation

With an office in Pottstown, Rick Law serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. To take advantage of a free initial consultation about your legal matter, call us at 610-850-9036 or send us a message online.

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