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Child Support

All parents have a financial duty to support their children. Child Support often refers to an Order entered by the County Domestic Relations Office related to one parent’s (the noncustodial parent) obligation to provide support to the other parent (the custodial parent).  Pennsylvania assumes that the custodial parent already spends money directly on the child or children subject to the Order.

An award of child support is based solely on the Pennsylvania child support guidelines found at 231 Pa. Code Rule 1910.16-4 (2020). Though complicated, the guidelines look primarily at the number of children who need support and the income of both parents.

Sometimes enforcement of an Order for child support is necessary. Payments for child support are due on time each month for the full amount unless the court order is changed. The non-custodial parent sometimes attempts to circumvent this obligation or deprioritize support to their child or children. In these instances, an action in enforcement may be necessary.

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