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What is a dynasty trust in Pennsylvania?

If you are a wealthy individual who is weighing your estate-planning options, one possibility you might be mulling over is a dynasty trust. There are definite advantages to funding a dynasty trust. Namely, this kind of trust allows you to pass on your wealth to...

A better look at the “stepped-up basis”

Estate administration is effective but only when you’ve predetermined how your estate gets handled and by whom. What happens after your death has a better chance of meeting your wishes if you start estate planning now. Pennsylvania residents even have “loopholes” that...

The trouble with online wills: 3 potential problems

An estate plan is a great way to help get all of your assets in order, hash out your future financial goals, and better ensure your estate is distributed in line with your wishes. When put together wisely, it can also provide better protection from creditors and...

Including long term health care in an estate plan

Covering the long-term care costs for seniors, which include Medicaid coverage, will always be complicated to do in Pennsylvania. It's very difficult for people to plan their estates on their own without professional legal assistance. Understand the basics of...

Differences between obtaining custody and guardianship of a child

Pennsylvania courts are very concerned about the welfare of children whenever they are part of any legal situation, and this especially applies when a custody issue hangs in the balance. The courts take their role as child advocates very seriously. Judges weigh all...