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With a filing fee of around $300, registering a trademark can feel expensive to a startup.  Hiring a lawyer could feel like an impossibility. Unfortunately, doing a trademark yourself is not always going to save money. If you do it wrong, not only do you lose your filing fee, but you have to start the entire process over again. Deciding whether you need a Montgomery County Trademark Attorney (Hyperlink) depends on your situation.

A trademark lawyer is an attorney who is qualified to act in trademark law and provides legal advice on trademarks and designs. In the U.S. attorneys who are licensed to practice in any state can represent individuals and companies in the U.S. Trademark Office. Many trademark attorneys have undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields such as business administration, marketing, and liberal arts instead of science and engineering which a Patent attorney must have to practice in the US Patent Office. Trademark attorneys have experience prosecuting trademarks before the US Patent and Trademark Office. Because Trademark registration is a legal proceeding with strict rules, having a lawyer by your side will certainly be easier than doing it on your own.

21 reasons you should hire a trademark attorney to file your trademark or service mark

  • A disclaimer is needed
  • A US attorney is needed to represent a foreign applicant
  • No action has been issued and its taking too long
  • Words need to be translated
  • A consent is needed due to a living person needing to disclaim
  • Improper specimen for proof of use
  • Evaluate the strength of your mark and advise you on how to choose a strong mark
  • Mailing address or entity details need to be changed or clarified
  • Incorrect description, drawing, or color claim of the mark
  • Incorrect identification or filing basis or wrong class of goods/services
  • A notice of allowance was issued, now what?
  • Improper signature
  • When you need to evaluate the strength of your mark and advise if you are choosing a good mark
  • Supplemental Register amendment required
  • The mark is “merely descriptive”
  • There is a strong likelihood of confusion
  • The mark is misleading or deceptive
  • Advise you on the likelihood that your application will go through
  • The mark is “primarily a surname”
  • Get advice on how to use your mark to get maximum protection
  • You are just too tired to learn how to do it
  • You do not know where to begin
  • Respond to issues that come up after your application has been filed.
  • You need assistance in writing the description of the mark
  • Help you enforce your trademark in the future.
  • You need assistance in picking the appropriate classes for the mark.
  • When you need to identify problems that might arise with your registration.

Attorneys at Rick Law assist with:

  • Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Litigation
  • TTAB Proceedings
  • Enforcement of Trademarks and other intellectual property

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We assist individuals who personally wish to file a trademark or on behalf of their business and offer other intellectual property assistance. Our goal at Rick Law is to do what we can to protect your property and build your brand.  If you are ready to register a mark, arrange a consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys by contact us online or by telephone at 484-272-5133.

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